Self Care Beyond the Mani Pedi

Self care is a concept that is very popular with millennials. Our generation truly believes that in order to do well, one has to take care of themselves. It is an important philosophy, one that gets lost as others start to rely on your heavily such as a hectic work environment, older parents who need help, and children.

But in order to care for others, you must care for yourself as well. This list is a few things I do for self-care, and a few good ideas as well. Every other list you will read starts with a mani/pedi as self-care which always makes me laugh. Not that there is anything wrong with a mani/pedi, but I’m going a little deeper than pretty nails here.

  1. Make Yourself Laugh

When I’ve had a stressful day of work or I just woke up in a funk, nothing makes me feel better faster than making myself laugh. I love trash TV, and I don’t mean reality TV. I like television that is those stupid video compilation series that I can’t believe I pay for cable to watch. When I worked from home three days a week, I would put these videos on in the background and just listen. Now, I spend maybe thirty minutes when I’m home from a rough day just having a good laugh.


  1. Have a Treat


Okay, I know we can’t have a treat everyday without having a good amount of repercussions (i.e. bad health and weight gain) but some days just require a treat. My treat of choice is usually a Starbucks Frappucino. I save my rewards, because I know there are days when I’m going to want/need a treat. I also love a good glass of wine. Rally rough days I call “Bottle of Wine Days.” We all have those days. Now I’m not condoning doing that all the time, or even drinking a whole bottle, but those are the type of days where you truly need self-care.


  1. Do Something Soothing

A soothing task for me is making lists. I don’t care if I am just making a list of things I need to do for the week, what I am going to wear for the weekend, making a packing list, it doesn’t matter. Lists soothe and bring normalcy. Do something that expends mental energy and makes you think.


  1. Dream a Little


As I have said before, I love planning elaborate vacations I will never go on. Getting out of your immediate surroundings and immersing yourself in a dream can be helpful. This also applies to reading a book that completely takes you away. Focusing on something else can help a lot with balancing your mental space.


  1. Take the Day Off

I am a firm believer in mental health days. Everyone needs a break from work or kids or whatever you have going on that can cause stress. Spend the day lounging at home, shopping, exercising, whatever makes you feel good. My husband never takes time off, and he suffers because of it. Not much in most people’s lives is an emergency that only they can fix. Take a day to spend with just yourself to recoup.


What are your self-care techniques? Let me know in the comments!



  1. A Graceful Life Blog

    November 3, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    I totally agree with all of these! This is so important! Yesterday I treated myself to a gingerbread latte and it was so lovey! Thanks for sharing
    xo Anca |

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