My Five Favorite Stores (And Four Favorites for You to Shop!)

My Five Favorite Stores (And Five Favorites for You to Shop!)

I like to think of myself as someone who tries out new brands and stores, however there are some stores I continually come back to. I am attracted to good quality clothing at a good price. I like to try out new shops but of course I find myself going back

1. American Eagle/Aerie

American Eagle is the holy grail for jeggings. If you’re an avid blog reader, you know I only buy my jeggings from American Eagle. They are a good price, awesome quality, and the fit is phenomenal. Aerie is the only place I will buy bras from and their tops are so soft. I wear them lounging, to work, and everywhere in between. I also love their sweatpants and joggers, the list goes on! Everything I’ve ever bought from American eagle has been true to size and the quality is perfect.

2. Nordstrom

I have been having a love affair with Nordstrom over the past few months. I was never a big department store shopper, but Nordstrom has the products I want and free shipping. I am all about free shipping. Their return policy is also amazing. Last October, my husband bought me a Kate Spade bracelet as a wedding present. The clasp was not great though, so I had plans to return it. I carried it around in my purse for a year, always planning to return it but never got to it. Finally, last month I returned it. They didn’t need a receipt; they just looked the price up in the system. I got a full refund for an item I purchased last year with no receipt, stunning. Their customer service is absolutely wonderful, I have nothing but good things to say.

3. J. Crew Factory

I am in love with J. Crew Factory. I also love J. Crew, but not the price tag. This season, I bought my two puffer vests from J. Crew Factory and they are so warm and perfect. Over the summer, I bought seven pairs of their shorts; they are just the perfect fit! If you doubt my love of J. Crew Factory, check out my post here. I can’t account for all of their products, the one thing I haven’t bought is sweaters, but pretty much everything else I own at least one item.

4. Zappos

The first place I check for shoes is Zappos. This year, I purchased my brown loafers and black Nike’s through them. They were the cheapest price online for my Nike’s and I swear I got the package in two days. Another free shipping site with free returns, Zappos is amazing. They have an awesome selection and their shipping speeds are truly fantastic.

5. TJ Maxx

Some people say Target is the store they always end up buying something from, for me it is TJ Maxx. I love everything TJ Maxx has, from paper products, to clothes, to home goods, I am in love. I am in a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Home Goods at least once a week and always end up walking out with a cart full of stuff I didn’t know I even needed. I can always find the perfect last minute gift, cute top, or perfect item for my home. And now you can shop TJ Maxx online, I am not just limited to those in my area!




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