My Favorite Christmas Traditions

We all have our Christmas traditions that have been around since we were children. As we have grown, we’ve started new traditions with our spouses, or have begun with our children. I don’t have children, but my husband and I try to hold onto the traditions our families began. This includes new pajamas on Christmas Eve for me, and Christmas Eve feast of the seven fishes for him. I think the holidays are more fun adding new experiences and trying new things together.

Here is a list of my favorite Christmas traditions. What are your favorites?

  • Wearing flannel pajamas to open gifts on Christmas morning
  • Exchanging ornaments
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights with hot chocolate
  • Trimming the tree
  • Shopping online on Black Friday

  • Christmas brunch with my family
  • Christmas Eve with my husband’s family
  • Watching Christmas movies and wrapping gifts
  • Baking pies and cookies
  • Finding the pickle on the tree

  • Taking a day off work for Christmas prep
  • Making time to see friends
  • Church on Christmas Eve
  • Going shopping with my sister in law and my husband’s cousins
  • Getting new decorations for the house

  • Having a holiday themed date
  • Family Christmas cards
  • Christmas decor DIY
  • Giving gifts all season long
  • Picking out a Christmas tree

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