Small Business: Gift Guide 2

If you’re a long time reader, you know I like to highlight small businesses and individuals. I make a big point to try and buy from small businesses for holiday shopping, because this is the time of year these small businesses deserve recognition. Also, all the products listed below are products I personally own and can 100% recommend!

Here is a list of some of my favorite products from small businesses I’ve personally bought from!

Wax Cabin Candle Co.

Wax Cabin Candle Co is a small business in Mendehall, NJ that has recently expanded into Anthropologie stores! I became a fan of them before this leap because their candles are so fragrant! My favorite is Brunch, which is boozy and smells like heaven. These candles fill my home with their scent, I’ve honestly never had a candle I’ve liked more.

Shop Wax Cabin Candle Co. Here


The White Sock Company

I recently did a post on The White Sock Company and I want to spotlight them here because their socks are so nice! The colors are vibrant, the material is soft, and they are already holding up to my husband’s abuse with socks. I am constantly buying him new socks because he rips them, gets them dirty, frays them, the works. These socks are great, and I will definitely be getting more.

Shop The White Sock Company Here


Sacred Stripes

I also did a post about Sacred Stripes and their T-shirt I had won in an Instagram giveaway. I still love the shirt, the color has held up and the material has only gotten softer every wash! I wanted to feature her bracelet as well, and a necklace is also coming soon!

Shop Sacred Stripes Here


Amy O. Bridal

I purchased Amy O. for my wedding, but their gift sets could be used for any reason. The pieces are gorgeous with so much detailing. Gina is fabulous to work with, when designing my back necklace she had to deal with a lot of back and forth from me. And she featured our wedding on her blog as well!

Shop Amy O. Bridal Here


Mai Autumn

Mai Autumn has also bridged into Anthropologie, but I first found her site on Etsy. Her website has even more pieces as well! I own three of her pieces and they are beautiful. The colors are vibrant and I get so many people who ask me where they are from.

Shop Mai Autumn Here


Gwen with Agnes and Dora

Agnes and Dora is a large retailer, however with their small business representative model, you are still supporting the little guy. I met Gwen Mahan through Instagram and she is so sweet and kind. I did a post featuring Agnes and Dora, and cannot recommend the product, and working with Gwen, enough.

Shop Agnes and Dora Here


There are so many small businesses out their that deserve your support. What are your favorite small businesses to buy from? Let me know in the comments!


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