Gift Guide 3: For The Ladies

Hi all! Christmas is fast approaching and I am still having so much fun shopping for you all! I am done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping, I finished up yesterday. I almost wish I hadn’t, there are so many good sales going on right now!

Below I have some items on the widget and those that I could not get to link to a widget I have listed below. I don’t know why, sometimes Shopstyle just doesn’t work! I have a lot of these products myself and recommend them all for great gifts.

Plush Leggings | Planner | Swell bottle

  1. Beanie: I own this beanie and I love it! It is warm and high quality. I can’t believe it is only $15! I cannot recommend it enough.
  2. Cat Mug: This mug changes faces with hot liquid! The eyes close and the cat makes a happy smile. It’s so cute I may buy it for myself!
  3. Necklace: I love this Kendra Scott necklace. I own this in gold with ivory mother of pearl stone and I wear it pretty much everyday. Next on my list is the platinum drusy stone.
  4. Slippers: I have these slippers as well and they are cute and comfy. Size up when ordering, I sized down and they are a little too tight. Up 1/2 size would be perfect.
  5. Lipstick: I have heard great reviews on this YSL lipstick. It would make a great gift for someone who likes makeup, but doesn’t like the price tag!
  6. Tassel Earrings: Tassel earrings are so much fun and I love the trend. I have worn a few pairs and prefer the stacked look. These bauble bar ones are too cute!
  7. Bracelet: This is such a cute message that will make any girl smile. It’s a great stacking necklace and can be dressed up or down.
  8. Clutch: I have been eyeing this fun clutch for months. It is very cute and the texture on it is beautiful. Definitely a great gift option!
  9. Eye Shadow Palette: Naked eye shadow is the holy grail of eye shadow. I thought it was all hype for years, and then I bought the nocturnal palette for Halloween. The pigments are so rich and the eye shadow lasts 16+ hours with a primer. It is an amazing product, I cannot recommend it enough.
  10. Glitter Earrings: Kate Spade has great jewelry. The gold plating never rubs off and the colors stay vibrant. Great jewelry to make a nice gift!
  11. Candle: I will NEVER shut up about this candle. The Brunch candle is my absolute favorite. It is so aromatic and fills the house with scent. I buy it all the time and burn them so fast. I cannot recommend these candles enough.
  12. Leggings: I am so into leggings and joggers, and these are a combo of the two! These are less than $15 and everything Aerie makes is so soft and great quality.
  13. Planner: Planners are so fun, even if you’re like me and never end up using them. I love my planner form last year that adds decoration to my boring work cubicle. But I know plenty of people that love their planners, so go with a cute one!
  14. Swell Bottle: I have a few swell bottles and they work so well it’s crazy! I highly recommend if you know someone who likes to bring coffee or tea to work or to travel. Really, I can take a sip of my coffee at 2:00P and it’s still warm!
  1. Kyia

    December 13, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    I love that Kendra Scott Necklace, I got one for my sister for Christmas. Also need that leopard clutch, it’s so cute! Great gift ideas in this post!

  2. Michelle

    December 13, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    That’s a great list. I got the earrings for my mom

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