New Year’s 2018 Goals

Another year has passed and so much has happened, both with the blog and in my personal life. I’ll begin with the blog first, that way if you get bored you can just move on!

I won’t lie, I overworked myself in December, but otherwise I have had such a fun time with blogging! I enjoy thinking of topics, writing, planning Instagram posts, planning my Pinterest, and of course interacting with people all along the way.

My goal for blogging is to expand my readers, expand my Instagram and Pinterest outreach, and continue to think of new and fun topics.

Another goal is to expand the lifestyle portion of my blog. I want to focus less on the fashion part of my blog, and focus more on experiences and travel.

This goal goes hand in hand with my personal goal, which is to be more exciting! My husband and I are moving back into Philadelphia with a goal to experience more and have more fun. We have been living in the suburbs outside of the city, and the commute to work and working all day causes us to just veg in front of the TV at night which is definitely not good.

Stay tuned for so many changes in the coming year, and I am excited for all of it! What are your goals for 2018?

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