J. Crew Factory Lovin’

This summer I have been actually obsessed with J. Crew Factory. I have bought so many pieces of clothing this season that my closet looks like I bought an entirely new wardrobe.

I have never felt great in shorts. I always felt like they left too much of my leg exposed and never felt comfortable sitting or standing in them. When I went to Nashville and was coordinating outfits with my best friend, I remember her asking “We aren’t packing shorts right?” She felt the exact same way I did, and I know we aren’t the only ones.

But ladies I’m telling you, the 5” chino shorts from J. Crew Factory are the perfect length. They aren’t too long to look matronly, and they aren’t too short to make you uncomfortable. I’m a convert, and I bought 6 pairs.

The best best part? I bought all of them for $15 during the summer sale. Talk about a steal!

I also bought skirts, shirts, dresses, and more. But I couldn’t take a million pictures of every piece I bought; my husband would have gotten really tired of taking even more pictures. So here are a few of my favorite pieces.


Shirt | Shorts | Sandals | Necklace (similar) | Silver bracelet | Gold Bracelet | Earrings


Another secret: the pink gingham is a men’s button down. I like the fit better than the women’s.

Shirt | Shorts | Shoes | Watch (similar) | Bracelet (similar) | Earrings


Shirt | Shorts | Shoes | Earrings | Watch 

And look who came to join us on this photo shoot! This is my dog, Milo. He’s three, but acts like a six month old. He loves to play and chew sticks. If you didn’t notice already, he’s a one eyed pup as well!




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