Pieces I’m Eyeing For Fall

I know, I know, it’s August. Why am I even thinking about fall? First, because I am so over this heat and second, fall fashion is the best! I love spring and summer pastels and ruffles and fun flowing skirts, but I love big sweaters and rich colors and booties so much more.

Fall has always been my favorite season. There is nothing better than walking in crisp autumn air with the sound of leaves under your feet. Just writing that sentence makes me feel nostalgic. My husband and I also got married last fall, so fall will always be a special time for me.

My favorite fall staples? Booties, leggings, long sweaters, and ripped jeans. If you see me out and about running my fake errands (more on that another time) I am most likely wearing these pieces.

So what am I eyeing for this fall? Check out my favorites so far.

1. A Floppy Hat

I am seriously into the floppy felt hat trend. I think they look so cute paired with leggings, boots, and sweaters. A hat looks like you definitely put some thought into your outfit when maybe you didn’t! My only gripe with hats? I think they’re weird to wear indoors, like shopping in the mall. Personally, I’ll save the hat for an outside activity, which there are plenty to do in the fall.

Chocolate Hat: Scala Camel Hat: Lulu’s Leather Band Hat: Lulu’s Black Hat 1: Asos Black Hat 2: Forever 21

2. More Jeggings, Always

I have not worn a pair of regular jeans in years. I refuse at this point. Even if they are soft, they are still so stiff compared to jeggings. American Eagle makes the best jeggings ever, I have never had a pair fail. I am a fan of the high-waisted fit (because I have hips and enjoy eating) but there are plenty of styles and fabrics to choose from.

Jeggings dark | Jeggings blue | Jeggings light ripped | Jeggings dark ripped

3. Loafers

I have been hunting for a year for the perfect pair of cognac loafers. I need a pair that isn’t too nice or expensive, because I do work in a nursing home and things happen, but I want them to look nice and have some detailing. I’m personally not into the too boxy or structured look, I’m looking for something that is soft and supple leather that is very comfortable as well.

Pink Loafers | Gold Loafers | Black Loafers | Brown Loafers | Camel Loafers

4. Thin Comfy Sweaters

One sweater I have a million of is the Charter Club cashmere sweater from Macy’s. They are amazingly soft, light enough to wear almost all year, and work perfectly with a button down shirt. However, they are too short to wear with leggings, so I’m always looking for more tunic styles to wear that provide more coverage.

Blush Sweater | Off White Sweater | Burgundy Sweater | Oatmeal Sweater | Blush Crew Neck

5. Tassel Earrings – Just For Fun!

I first saw a pair of pink tassel earrings on Amanda from Pardonmuah’s instagram page, and I fell in love with the look. The first two listed below are the same style as hers! The pair she’s wearing is from Nordstrom and they’re adorable, but I also have my eye on a pair from Rocksbox (which are the ones titled Sunburst below). I am usually not a dangle earring type of person, but these are just so cute that I have to try them out. Wish me luck!

Blue Earrings | Ombre Earrings | Sunburst Earrings | Apricot Earrings | Coral Earrings

My friends always laugh because I have a running list of things to buy on my phone, and I’m always adding more. I love to shop, but I am a person who doesn’t buy something unless it’s perfect. I’ve had things on my wish list for years because I haven’t found the item I have pictured in my head yet.

These are just a few of the pieces I’m eyeing for fall, but who knows what I will actually end up with! What are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Emma

    August 21, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Jeggings and sweaters are my whole life during Fall! 😀

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