How To: Repot Succulents

My eclectic mix of succulents pots has become too much in our apartment. I bought different types and different sizes of pots thinking it would make a cute view out of our window. It worked for a while, but when we got our loveseat and moved our bookshelf to the same wall, it was too busy.

My husband always hated the pot mix, so he’s finally getting what he wants and getting a more cohesive look. We are moving the succulents to our bedroom as well, which has much more muted color pallet with light pastels in pink and purple.

I purchased succulent cuttings from Amazon and they have been great. Overall, I would say more than 2/3 of the succulents have lived which is great for the price. They have grown a little wild, so they aren’t as manicured and perfect as I would like them to be. But plants grow, can’t stop that from happening!

My small pots I recently bought from TJMaxx (similar). I recommend browsing around as they always are restocking with new gardening supplies especially during the spring and summer months.

Potting succulents involves three types of materials, you need small rocks, sand, and soil. All can be purchased from your local hardware store or Home Depot. First step, fill 1/3 of the pot with the small rocks. This will allow good drainage and a place for your succulent roots to travel.

Next, mix your sand and soil 50/50 for a dryer soil. Remember, succulents live in arid climates so they don’t need as much moisture as most plants. When re-potting, be gentle with your succulent roots. They are spindly and even after over a year of growth their roots are still very small. Put the rocks in first, then gently hold the roots as you fill the rest with soil.

Finally, place rocks on the top. The rocks at the top and bottom hold a ton of water for your succulents, they hardly ever have to be watered with this method! You don’t have to put rocks at the top depending on your preference, but I wanted a lighter look.

Now you have a cohesive succulent look that will add character to any room. Happy decorating!


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