Small Apartment Fall Decor

So I won’t lie to you guys, my home decor section on here is lacking. It’s difficult to write about home decor when you only have a one bedroom apartment. There are only so many things you can buy or make for such a small space.

But I realize I’m not the only one in this boat. I’m 26, and the reality is most young adults at 26 don’t own their homes and are living in one to two bedrooms apartments (if they aren’t living with their parents that is.)

I like to decorate for fall, Halloween, Christmas and winter. Spring through summer is my everyday decor and I keep that pretty simple. This year I did my absolute best to not overspend. I had a very expensive summer and I have two trips coming up so I restrained myself.

As I’ve said before, Homegoods is my second home. I swear I’m there once a week at this point. Some things are DIY below (anything with the flowers including the happy fall sign), but I tagged what I could below. If you want instructions to make anything below leave me a comment! Happy fall decorating!

Lantern | Flowers in Jar | Fall Y’all Sign | Rug | Pitcher with Flowers | Curtains

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