Balancing Wanderlust With Reality

Wanderlust always hits me hard and fast. My drive to get up and see something new pushes me through my day to day. However, it also causes me to plan lavish vacations to Italy and France, which can be a downer when you don’t have that much expendable income.

So how do I balance wanderlust with reality? Unfortunately, I set my sights on realistic goals. Maybe Paris is off the table for a while, but Montreal isn’t.

For our honeymoon, my husband and I traveled to Belize. It was a very expensive trip, so we spent a good amount of our traveling budget for the next few years. However, spontaneous trips have surprised me twice this year!

I still find myself planning trips I won’t go on for a long time. I just planned out a ten day trip to Italy including Rome, Positano and Bari that I had to pull back from because we want a house! Traveling is very important to me, but so is getting a bigger space and expanding our family. With our budget, we can’t do both!

I’ll never stop planning trips. I love making list and am a planner by nature, so creating trip agendas I won’t go on is something I will still always love to do.

We do have some small trips we are going on. Our one year anniversary is coming up, so we are going back to the Poconos and staying in a beautiful bed and breakfast. It’s an amazing place and I’ll be excited to have a nice relaxing vacation.

We are also planning on going to Los Angeles sometime in January. I went out last February to see my friend and I want to get back before she moves again for work. My husband also realized she’s only 30 minutes from the Mercedes Center of America and now he’s sold. So looks like I’ll have him as a travel companion!

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would leave everything and travel the world in a heartbeat. It’s an absolute dream and not my reality (especially since I don’t play the lottery!) However, it’s a very nice dream to have.

How do you curtail your wanderlust? Let me know in the comments.

Here are pictures from the places I’ve been over the past year.


Los Angeles/Malibu


New England and Canada


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