A List of My Favorite Fall Things

Fall is officially back here in Pennsylvania, and I have been waiting for it since the end of August. Fall has been my favorite season since I was a little kid, so here is a list of my 25 favorite things about fall.

  • Crunchy leaves
  • Crisp air in the morning
  • Not having to use air conditioning or the heat
  • Pumpkin scented candles
  • Curling up with fuzzy socks, a blanket, and a good book

  • Using the seat warmers and driving with the windows down
  • Also, bundling up and using the convertible
  • Pumpkin spice coffee and salted caramel mocha
  • Fall inspired cocktails
  • Baking pies and cookies

  • Puffy vests
  • Leggings everyday
  • Scarf season
  • Sweater weather
  • Boots are back!

  • Being able to layer without a bulky winter coat
  • Fall colors in fashion like burgundy, rust, evergreen
  • Walking outside and not sweating
  • Apple picking
  • Pumpkin picking

  • Hayrides
  • Corn mazes in the dark
  • Anything haunted
  • Beginning of the holiday season
  • Hikes with the changing leaves

Need fall inspiration? Get ready for new posts 3x weekly in honor of my favorite month, October! Happy fall y’all!






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