5 Fall Date Ideas

If you missed my post from Wednesday, I wrote about 25 of my favorite fall things. Of course I have more than 25 favorites, but I was good and restricted myself.

But, some of my favorite things to do are fall-themed activities with friends or with my husband. I am constantly dragging him all around during the fall (don’t worry he drags me around on his own favorite things to do too). I love to do anything outdoors during the fall, I make it a point to do something at least once a weekend!

Here are five of my favorite fall date ideas, all personally tested and approved by yours truly 🙂


1. Go to your local orchard and drink some cider or hot chocolate

Throw on your favorite blanket scarf and boots and make your way to an orchard. I have several orchards near me and there is nothing better than looking through all of the homemade baked goods and fall drinks. Grab a cup of hot cider with your sweetie and spend the afternoon people watching.


2. Pumpkin picking, apple picking or both!

There is nothing more quintessential than picking your own pumpkin or apples. I do both every year, and then struggle to use all the apples! Thank goodness my dog loves apples more than anything! Use those apples to bake a pie together, or get a pumpkin to carve together.


3. Hayride under the stars

Not all of the fun happens during the day, there are fall activities at night too. Search online to see if any of your local orchards have nighttime activities like hayrides or haunted corn mazes. This is a date you’ll want to do on every year!


4. Beer or winery tour

I love going to wineries during the fall. Every season distilleries and wineries have new fall brews they are showing off. I especially love tours because you get to go behind the scenes and learn more. And a tasting is usually involved as well 🙂


5. Hiking through the woods

There is nothing better than putting on your hiking boots and hiking along a secluded trail just the two of you. Opt for a place that’s going to have a great view along the way, and sit and talk for a while. This is an activity you can bring your furry friend along as well!

There are so many things to do during this season, it’s hard to find the time to fit them all in! What are your favorite fall date ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments below!





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