Halloween Party Planning

Every year I host a Halloween party for close friends. This tradition was born out of being 23, getting my first apartment, and wanting to host an event. It has become an annual event, only skipping last year because we were on our honeymoon, and it has racked up a loyal group of guests.

I have a lot of fun planning my Halloween parties, but have of course gone through a lot of trial and error. Not every cute Pinterest idea is going to work, including the cute small apple pieces dipped in caramel (it just slides right off!) or the cheese balls labeled ‘pumpkin poo’… no one wants them!

Here are my basic areas that I focus on party planning, and I will share some of my successful ideas with you.



Every year I choose a theme and do my best to keep it a surprise. I can’t share this year’s with you, but I will post about it on October 30th.

My first year was standard black and orange. It is the simplest and the cheapest, you can’t go wrong with orange plates and streamers. One year I did a circus theme, along with circus themed costumes for myself, my husband, and our dog. We strung red and white streamers from the ceiling to create a circus tent, and had circus themed games.

It is up to you whether you choose to have a theme or not, or if the theme is just Halloween!


Again we choose a theme so we have games along the theme line. The year we had the circus we had ring toss, duck pool, and beer pong with small fake goldfish in the cups.

Other games that have been a success are minute to win it games, murder mystery, and a treasure map.



Food is always the trickiest part of any party. Some dishes are going to be a success, while others no one touches. Here are two recipes that have been a huge hit!

Costumes, of course!

Costumes are the most important part of Halloween, without them it’s just a regular party! I tend to make my costumes using clothing and accessories I already own, but once in a while you have to buy something. In the last few years I have been a magician, little red riding hood, and a circus showgirl. I had most of the pieces for these items lying around and only had to buy a few prop pieces. It’s your choice to buy, sew, or put together a costume, just have fun with it!

I posted a few creative costumes below, click the picture for details!

Overall, hosting a Halloween party is a blast and you don’t have to go crazy with buying a ton of things. Don’t be afraid to repeat games, recipes or costumes if they really worked before! Your guests will have a great time as long as there is food, alcohol, and a lot of conversation. Remember; check back on October 30th for pictures from my 2017 Halloween party!






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