Liebster Award: Part 1

I have some exciting news for my blog, I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award for 2017! It’s an award for newbie bloggers, and I am happy to nominate other deserving bloggers as well 🙂

First, I’d like to thank Lola Brickerton of Sparkle-n-Shine for nominating me, make sure you check out her blog too!

The Liebster Award is an award given blogger to blogger and it originates from the German word liebster meaning beloved, sweet, kind, welcome, and many more endearing words.

I began this blog as a distraction from my boredom. I tend to be a person who doesn’t have a regular hobby and spends the majority of my time on Pinterest and shopping. I realized that I can’t be the only person in this boat, so I combined these two ideas and Peekaboo Peonies was born.

Below I will answer the questions Lola asked of me, and in a following post I will nominate my own set of bloggers 🙂

  1. Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters:

Write about what you’re passionate about, you won’t run out of material.

  1. If you were stranded on an island with only one beauty product, what would it be?

-Moisturizer, my skin would crumble without it!

  1. For what in life do you feel most grateful?

My husband, our dog, Milo, and kitten, Luna. There is nothing better than coming home to them every night.

  1. What important makeup advice would you give to a beginner and why?

Moisturizer forever!! Also, play with different items, and don’t be afraid to return items if they don’t work for you. That’s your money girl!

  1. What is you favorite color and why?

I have to say I truly don’t have one. I like different colors for different things, sometimes rich hues, sometimes pastels. I think it depends on the season.

  1. If you had the chance to meet any famous celebrity, who would it be and why?

Miley Cyrus, and not for the reason you’re thinking. I think she is an inspiring activist who works with a lot of great causes. She also seems really chill and the type of person who could lay around with my lazy butt all day eating pizza and watching trash TV.

  1. What is your favorite dish?

My husband makes the best eggplant parm anyone will ever eat. It’s amazing.

  1. What do you think of selfie sticks?

They never work right for me! I always press the buttons a million times and mess up the phone!

  1. Would you ever make a donation for hurricane relief?

Of course! When I moved into my first apartment I made a big deal about beginning to donate. I heard somewhere if you work 40 hours a week, work the first 4 for someone else. Ever since this, donating has become a very important part of my paycheck. I’ve also found the more I give, the more I feel I have. If you’re looking to donate, please check out these causes I regularly donate to here and here.

  1. When you have a writer’s block, what do you do to work it out?

I browse Pinterest and Instagram. One thing about a fashion blog is there is always a new trend or updated style to write about.

Thanks all for reading, and thank you for continuing to support me. This blog has been fun and the people I meet along the way have been wonderful as well. I will post a follow up to this post next week (most likely) with my nominations.

TGIF! – Maggie

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