Why I Love Jewelry Subscriptions

Subscription services have popped up like crazy in recent years. Everything from JustFab for shoes, to LeTote for clothes, and Fabletics for workout gear, the list is endless of what you can find that has a subscription service.

I have had other subscription services, but nothing that I have stuck with like my jewelry subscription services. One reason I love these services is it is really hard for me to find jewelry I like that I feel is worth paying for! Unless there is a special event coming up, I very rarely buy jewelry, though it is something I wear every single day.

Jewelry subscription services have taken the guess work out of buying jewelry for me. Someone picks out something for me, I wear it and if I like it I buy it, if not I send it back! What could be easier? Shopping for jewelry sure isn’t this easy!

Adorybox does just that, they pick out pieces that they think you will lie and send them out to you. When you sign up, you take a quick style quiz about what type of pieces and styles you like. They send you three pieces at a time and you send back what you don’t want to keep and buy what you do.

It is $15 a month and you can send the box back for unlimited swaps per month. The best part, the pieces are actually affordable. You won’t feel guilty about buying too expensive jewelry! The pieces I received in my first box had good weight to them and no flaws. I am impressed!

Use this link to sign up and use my code UNICORN for 20% off! Hope you guys like these services as much as I do! What subscription services do you use? Let me know in the comments!



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however I do not endorse products I do not use and like. Thank you for reading!

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