Pocono Travel Tips

This upcoming weekend, Mike and I are going to the Poconos for our first year anniversary. Can’t believe it’s been a year! Fall is our favorite season and we love the mountains and beautiful fall foliage.

We would love to get up to Vermont one year to see the foliage, but the Poconos is a close second. We went two years ago and loved the hiking and our bed and breakfast. Get ready for a post Monday about a breakdown of our trip, but for this post I wanted to give some tips on traveling to the Poconos.

  1. Stick within an area of the Poconos to maximize your stay

The Poconos is a very large area spanning two hours separating some towns. So if you want to see Jim Thorpe and Honesdale you are going to have quite a drive. Pick the area you want to stay close to and plan within a radius of that.

  1. Plan to have a car

Sure you can reach the Poconos by bus and in some places train, but you’re going to need a car to experience any time away from the tourist locations. If you want a solo hike, they can be hard to reach by public transit. Destinations in the Poconos are further apart just due to the vast amount of area, this isn’t New York City! A car is definitely the best way to get around.

  1. Know your season

Skiing may not be the best in February, Pennsylvania tends to get warm even into February! If you want to sky, think January just to be safe. This is true also for fall foliage, plan for October mid to late depending on where you are staying if you really want to see the leaves change. Being a native Pennsylvanian, I can tell you our weather is very unpredictable. While I may be ready for fall temperatures right after Labor day, PA does not agree!

  1. Think of the experience you want

Do you want a romantic couples getaway? A spa weekend with the girls? A family vacation with the extended family too? Think about your type of lodging for each of these experiences. A beautiful bed and breakfast may be just what the couple needs, but not the girls getaway. For family vacations, an entire 6 bedroom residence can be rented from Airbnb for less than $200 a night. Think of your type of trip and pick lodging from there.

  1. Plan for outdoor, but have back up indoor activities

Rain does happen, and you don’t want to be bummed if your whole vacation consists of hiking and the weather is not cooperating. I say to plan for outdoors because there is just so much to do in every season, but there is plenty to do indoors too. The Poconos has several waterpark resorts (including an adults only one!) which can be a great back up if the day turns sour. There is also shopping at many outlets and some cute towns with bookstores and the like to hunker down in during a stormy day.

  1. Be prepared with your gear

The hiking in the area is beautiful, but it is not easy. We went to Bushkill Falls on our last trip, and even this was quite a hike. If you have the whole family with small children included, be wary of hiking trails that are even marked easy! We saw plenty of families leaving with sobbing kids, we were tired ourselves! Also, wear sneakers or hiking boots. As stated above, these trails can be difficult and wearing flip flops and underestimating is not going to help you when you’re trying to scramble over rocks with your shoes slipping all over the place.

  1. Bring the nice camera (if you have one)

We made the mistake last visit of thinking the camera was too bulky to bring along. If you have one, you’re going to want to bring the nice camera. My iPhone did not justify the beauty and detail we saw when looking over the Delaware Valley, and I am very excited to get much better pictures this year.

  1. Get ready to want to come back

Our Poconos vacation was one of my favorite vacations of all time, it was even more relaxing than our honeymoon which was in actual paradise. We had plenty new to do and see, and I can’t wait to get back for more!

Remember, next post will be my itinerary for the trip, so get ready for more pictures and outfits from the trip. What are your favorite part of mountain vacations? Let me know in the comments!


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