Great Winter Date Ideas

Winter is on its way, it’s not quite here yet but I can feel it in the air. When winter comes we spend more time indoors than out, and daylight is fleeting. Below are some great date ideas for this season!

  1. Ice skating
  2. Walking around in fresh snow
  3. Volunteering/donate together
  4. Baking together
  5. Skiing/snowboarding

  1. Go sledding
  2. Take a vacation to a cozy cabin
  3. Set goals for the new year
  4. Stargaze from the car
  5. Do an outdoor winter photo shoot

  1. Take a cooking class or break out a recipe book
  2. Go to a local coffee shop
  3. Binge watch a new series
  4. Go to a comedy show/museum/orchestra
  5. Go bowling or to a matinee

  1. Escape room
  2. Takeout picnic on the floor
  3. Make smores at home
  4. Take a long questionnaire together, or play the newlywed game
  5. Build a blanket fort

Remember, have fun out there!

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