Trimming the Tree

I know I’m late in the game with less than two weeks before Christmas, but I want to show you how I decorate my monster Christmas tree. But first you may wonder, Maggie you always talk about how you live in a one bedroom apartment, why do you have a giant tree?

Well friends, I naively thought I would own a house by now. I forgot that I am a millenial and that making over 100K houehold where I live menas absolutely nothing/ So I got rid of my tiny $20 apartment tree I owned and bought this massive 7.5 mixed needle tree. Don’t get me wrong I love the tree, but my poor angel hits her head on the eight foot ceilings. The tree deserves a bigger house, but sadly I cannot give the tree that for a little while longer.

Now that you know why I have the tree, I am going to tell you how I decorate this beast. First, my tree is prelit, but if yours is not or is live, you’ll want to put lights on the tree. The best tip for putting lights on is to run them up and down the tree vertically instead of wrapping them around horizontally. It will make the lights so much more visible. Also fluff your tree if need be. As you’ll see below, Luna was attacking me every time I tried to fluff the lower branches.

Next, you are going to wrap ribbon around the tree in a spiral. There are other ways to wrap ribbon but I find this is the easiest way for the beginner. To secre the ribbon, take a branch and wrap it round the ribbon creating a fold. We are going to mask these later, but even if you don’t the tree still looks very nice. Do this all the way down to the bottom of the tree and use 1.5-2″ thick ribbon.

Now that you’ve spent thirty minutes doing that, you are going to mask some of the folded over branches with little Christmas pickings. I don’t actually know if that’s what they’re called, I call them pickings. These are in Michael’s and they are the sparkly things you never really knew what they were for. Grab maybe 10-20 of these depending on the size of your tree. Lay them in the tree over some of the secured places.

Then, you are going to use ribbon to hide more of the wrapped branches. Remember, you don’t need to hide every one, but you want to give the tree more depth and color. Just a simple glittery bow will do the trick.

Next, add balls to the remaining area. My husband prefers balls to other ornaments, but decorate with your ornaments the way you choose to. These balls are all from the dollar store and they have lasted 5+ years. Don’t forget your angel tree topper, another dollar store steal!! Probably my proudest dollar store purchase ever.

We also have an old vintage train set that was my husband’s father’s when he was a little kid. It’s a big heavy metal one. We can’t use a tree skirt because then it can’t run, but I always say I’m going to make a white one to look like snow for the little village we have (which consists of two buildings). But, maybe next year I’ll get to that! Finally, add your gifts under the tree! You can see ours are lined up behind the tree so you can see the train and so the animals won’t get into them.

And there you have a finished tree! Overall, I think the decor on the tree cost me less than $25 and I think the tree looks great! In person it is very sparkly and fits in perfectly with the rest of the apartment. Happy decorating!


  1. Elise Cohen Ho

    December 14, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    I love the ribbon. I want to do that when I start changing over my decorations.

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