Last Minute DIY Gifts

Christmas is four days away, I can’t believe it! Time to really put together those last minute gifts you may have forgotten about. We all have them, the secret santa you said you would do, the coworker who got you something and you didn’t get her anything, the boyfriend’s sister who you barely know ut is coming into town, the list goes on.

Below I’ve listed some great, easy, and cheap last minute gift ideas that anyone would love to receive. Just because it’s a last minute gift doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and good gift!

Cute Cactus Rocks – For Creative JuiceTalk about an easy gift! All you need is green and white paint, small rocks, small stones, and a cute pot and you have yourself a cute desk ornament! This is the plant that will definitely never die! Give it to a coworker, a family member, any one would love this cute gift! You may have everything you need already in your house, and if not these items wouldn’t be over $5-$10 to purchase.

Sweater Mittens – Feathering My Nest

This gift is as free as it gets! As long as you have an old sweater to cut up, you’ve got yourself a great free gift! If you don’t have a sweater already, I definitely don’t recommend this DIY. The picture is self explanatory, you trace your hand leaving space for stitches, sew it up, and flip inside out. Voilà! You have a new pair of mittens!

Marbled Mugs – Babble

All you need for this DIY is nail polish, a white mug, and acrylic sealer. This DIY is a dollar store hack and takes 5 minutes to make. It seriously could not be easier or cheaper than this.

Fun Planter – Make Your Day

How cute is this little planter? And how easy to make! You need a small pot, a plant, and black and white paint for this DIY. You may have everything you already need in your house (I know I do), so once again this gift will not cost you  more than $5.

Hot Cocoa Ornaments – Sprinkle Some Fun

I made these one year to go in hand painted mugs, and they were a hit. All you need, clear plastic balls, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, and hot chocolate mix. Be careful layered the ingredients in, you don’t want them to get all stirred up and ugly. Once again, a very easy very cheap last minute gift idea.

Chocolate Pretzels – The Weathered Plate

And finally who doesn’t love a treat! Chocolate pretzels are so easy, quick, and fun to make. All you need, melting chocolate, mini pretzels, sprinkles, and wax paper. You microwave the chocolate, dip in the pretzels, lay them on wax paper, and add some sprinkles. All you need is a mason jar and ribbon for some very easy decorating. This is te gift all of my coworkers are getting this year!

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