Hygge 101

Well, for all of you that got the email yesterday with this same title, I actually wrote the post so you all could read it! I have been a mess after the holidays and with all the inclement weather I have been really thrown off! I am also apartment hunting which takes up so much time. It’s tough to find an apartment you like, in your price range, that is actually nice!

Anyway, moving on to the fun part! What is hygge? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word and philosophy focusing on that warm feeling of coziness and comfort you have when sitting on a couch, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping a warm cup of tea and listening to soft snowfall. We all know that feeling, and it’s not exclusive to that scenario.

Now, reading my description you are thinking, yes I love that feeling! How can I get more of that?! Read below for a few suggestions of how to bring hygge to your home.

1. Practice Single Focusing

It is so easy for us to reach for our phone while we are watching TV, or listen to music while on the computer. I know I am so guilty of focusing on too many things at once. Since I heard about single-focusing, I have been trying to take a step back and evaluate why I am constantly picking up something else to do. Am I bored watching this show? Am I watching the show or is it for background noise? Am I focusing on the present? Usually the answer is no. Try to take five minutes out of your day to test yourself with single focusing, I’ll bet you’ll have trouble with it too!

2. Add Light Neutrals and Warm Fabrics

Keep your color palette light and airy, or natural and woodsy. I think hygge can be achieved in both settings. Focus on warm and lux fabrics like faux fur, plush rugs, and woven knit. Hygge originates from Denmark where the design style is more similar to the Swedish style of design (think Ikea if you are unfamiliar.) However, I think hygge can be achieved in a rustic cabin, with wool flannel prints, and a roaring fire. These are two models to follow, but don’t go wood paneling your living room just yet. Think of which of these design modes fit your style more and go from there.

3. Drink Something Warm

Curl up on the couch, in bed, or on your favorite chair with a cup of something warm. Pick your poison, coffee, tea, cocoa, whatever tastes good to you. Drinking something warm and holding a hot cup in your hand mimics the warmth of a hug and instantly makes us happy. This is a great way to wind down from the day and enjoy the moment.

4. Journal or Write Something

One of my favorite ways to slow down my day is to go through my travel journal. I use this journal just to write down my experiences traveling the country or internationally. I love reading through how I felt while on a beach in Belize, or exploring a new city. Even if it’s a quick exercise to just write down your outfit for the next day, it’s a great way to focusing on your surroundings and be present.

5. Add Soft Lighting

I wouldn’t recommend hygge in a fluorescent bathroom, I can’t imagine that feeling warm or nice. Focus on adding yellow light, candles, and natural daylight to your surroundings. Hygge shouldn’t feel like a cave so avoid a too dark space. Also, unplug from your devices. The lights devices emit are harsh, bright, and a blue tint. This does not add to hygge and causes your brain to work at a higher pace than yellow light.

6. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones Often

Yes introverts, I’m talking to you too. I’m talking about loved ones who put you at ease, people who you can sit in comfortable silence with, or laugh at anything with. Pick those people you could watch a Netflix marathon with all day and who wouldn’t mind. That warmth you feel surrounded by people you love is just as important in hygge as cozy blankets and slippers.

How will you bring hygge into your home? Below I’ve linked a few products to get you started, all from independent artists!

Chunky Knit Blanket by Colorways Gallery

Air Plants by Plant In The Air

Mother of Dragons Candle by Form and Flux

Warm and Cozy Mug by My Jas Hands

Himalayan Salt Lamp by Hazantree

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