Revamp Your Winter Skin

When the weather is this cold I have to step up my skin care game. I have dry skin that needs a lot of moisture to prevent breakouts. In winter, it is harder for my skin to hold onto that moisture.

I am blessed because I don’t have severe dry skin. My sister growing up had severe dry and cracked skin where she had to take oatmeal baths and use medicated creams. Her skin was better as she got older, but sometimes when the weather was very bad, she would have to sleep with medicated lotion on her hands wearing gloves! So the routine I am talking about is not for those who have severe dry skin, you will want to talk to your doctor about severe cracking, bleeding, and dryness.

These products are my tried and true, I swear by every single product listed and have been using most of them for years. All of them work phenomenally on my skin, I don’t know how they will work for you, but they are all worth giving a shot!

  1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer: This is my go to moisturizer especially for the colder months. It has a nice, thick consistency that lasts. I have the one with salicylic acid to prevent breakouts now, but I find the regular works just as well.
  2. Acure Brightening Face Scrub: This face scrub is perfect and gentle enough for daily use. I use it every other day when I wash my hair and it lightly exfoliates the first layer of dry skin. I tend to have a lot of dead skin on my forehead and this strips it away.
  3. OZ Naturals Amino Herbal Hydration Mask: This face mask is my favorite I have ever used. It isn’t hyped up with fruity, girly ingredients or in a pink bottle, but it works better than any mask I’ve ever used before. It is gentle enough to use every day. I like to use it weekly or 2x weekly.
  4. Mario Badescu Night Cream: I like to shower at night and after I do I always use a night cream. After reading so many reviews of which night cream was the best for my skin, this Mario Badescu cream has been exactly what I needed. I’ve been using it for years and I love how it makes my skin look and feel, especially my chronically dry forehead!
  5. Lush Lip Scrub: I like this lip scrub as a little treat, and it tastes so good it’s dangerous! But the scrub is very gentle, especially on dry winter lips.
  6. Frank’s Body Exfoliating Scrub: I have been using Frank’s Body for years when I received a sample in my Ipsy bag. It is a great exfoliator and has great emollients to make the skin very soft after each use.
  7. L’occitane Shea Butter Body Butter: I cannot use any other body lotion on my legs. After shaving, my legs always are extremely itchy from all the irritation. Never again with this shea body butter. Seriously, if you buy one thing off this list, this is the one to buy!
  8. L’occitane Rose Hand Lotion: I got this as a free sample just for getting l’occitane promotions in the mail! Their hand lotion is fantastic and all of the ones I’ve used have been thick and luxurious.

These are my favorite winter products! And for those of you wondering, I do not use a face cleanser. For years, I had breakouts and was always told to wash my face to prevent continued acne. It never worked, and I tried every acne product under the sun. Turns out, all I had ever needed was a daily face lotion because my skin was dry, not oily like I had believed for years. When your skin doesn’t get the moisture it needs, it produces oil to compensate resulting in breakouts. When I began using face lotion daily, bye bye breakouts!

Since discovering I had dry skin, I really pay attention to my skin in the winter because dryness = breakouts. What are your winter skin tips? Let me know in the comments!

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