Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Date

My husband and I don’t go crazy for Valentine’s Day. It’s only two weeks after my birthday and normally we do something fun for that, so when Valentine’s Day rolls around I don’t want to do anything beyond the norm. We don’t buy gifts, and just try to spend some time together. So I put together a list of fun and cheap things to do if you are looking to spend some time, but not too much money!

  1. Go to a Matinee and Ice Cream
  2. Go Window Shopping in a Cutesy Town
  3. Spend the Day Outside (weather permitting)
  4. Make a New Recipe
  5. Go Wine or Beer Tasting
  6. Take a Romantic Bubble Bath
  7. Look for a Groupon Experience To Do
  8. Watch the Worst Movie You Can Find
  9. Film a Drunk History
  10. Browse Your Local Bookstore
  11. Go to a Local Coffee Shop and People Watch
  12. Plan a Ridiculously Elaborate Vacation
  13. Volunteer Together
  14. Recreate Your First Date

Hope you all have fun on your Valentine’s Day, whatever you end up doing!

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