Rocksbox Review: Why You Need To Be Renting Jewelry

I am so excited about this post! Why you ask? If you are a long time reader of the blog, you should know there are a few items I will never shut up about. First, my obsession with Wax Cabin Candle Co. and second, my deep love for my Rocksbox jewelry subscription.

When Rocksbox reached out to me about joining their affiliate program I squealed with joy! This is a product I know, I already recommend to everyone I can, and a service I absolutely love. I have been gushing since I began renting over a year ago about how great of a service this is!

So for the novice, how does Rocksbox work? Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service meaning you send back the pieces you don’t want to keep. For $21 a month, you rent designer jewelry that fits your style. You update your wish list and select pieces you want to try out, and a stylist picks three to send you at a time. They will email you with their selections and if you don’t like the pieces they chose, they give you a chance to swap pieces out. This has come in handy when maybe I wanted something when I first went through, and when my stylist chooses to send it to me I change my mind.

Also, you can send back your box an unlimited times per month. Because it is sent through the mail, the maximum boxes I’ve gotten per month was four, but my average is 2-3. The best part? You get $21 a month to put towards a piece you love and want to keep!

When you are done wearing the pieces that are sent, you place them back in the navy box and the white mailing envelope. In your package there will be return slip you place right on the bag. Finally drop the bag in the mail! Remember, if you don’t send a piece back in the same order it came in you buy it, so always double check your return box!


Now some people are skeptical. They ask me, Maggie, why would you pay to wear jewelry and send it back? Because 1) these are pieces I could not afford to buy outright at this high of a rate 2) these are pieces I generally wouldn’t gravitate towards but end up loving!

For example, I recently bought a gold Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace during their Black Friday sale and loved it! I had worn this necklace several times through Rocksbox but had never had the color combo I ended up selecting. When I realized how frequently I used the gold version, I wanted a silver version. Rocksbox had just what I wanted, a silver Elisa with an iridescent drusy. I was paying the same price as buying directly from Kendra Scott, but has $21 in credit! I never would have found this designer or necklace without Rocksbox.

I’ve bought so many pieces over the year that I have been subscribing including brands like Kendra Scott, Perry Street, Gorjana, and Kate Spade. Most pieces I have absolutely loved, and if you receive a piece that is not up to your standards due to dirt or damage, Rocksbox makes it right immediately with a $10 credit. This has happened maybe three times out of the countless pieces I have worn.

If I haven’t sold you on Rocksbox from this post, I don’t know what else will! I truly love the service and feel it is worth every penny. Still need help deciding? Try it free for one month with my code peekaboopeoniesxoxo. I promise, you will be hooked!

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