Lay Out Your Goals With A Planner

I am not one to make New Years resolutions (I have absolutely no willpower and I know that) but I am a fan of holding myself accountable to my goals. Every year I write a letter to myself on my computer and write the date it is to be opened for the next year, as a reminder to where I was a year ago.

A planner works the same way for me. It is a way to look back on small and large tasks you have accomplished all during the year. I am terrible at writing things down in my phone calendar, so a paper planner is a must for me.

The planner I have been using was sent to me by Modern Journals. The owner, Sara Lewis, was so sweet and after speaking with her sent me these two planners! Sara recently began Modern Journals as an outlet for her creativity after leaving her position as a kindergarten teacher to raise her baby boy. During her time as a teacher, Sara found she loved creating resources for her class and then expanded to designing products for the school and for other classes. She has designed several items including wedding planners, fitness trackers, and prayer journals. Check out her products here and her Instagram and Twitter.

The planners Sara sent me are gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and the font design is cute but very easy to read. I gave the pink planner to my work bestie, but the blue planner I had to keep for myself! The planner is simple and allows plenty of space to write out the details of your day. The size is only slightly smaller than a standard piece of paper, which allows for easy carrying with any books, laptops, or other items you tend to carry around. I am switching over to a commuter backpack at the end of this month and I know my handheld planner would not have made the cut. With this planner I can continue to carry it with me without it falling to the bottom of the bag.

I NEED a paper planner, and I don’t feel like I am the only one. While I love my phone for lists and things to remember, I never tend to use the calendar app efficiently. I always forget whenever I have any type of appointment unless I physically write it down. Now with blogging, I use planners more than I ever had to reach my deadlines.

Make sure you follow Modern Journals on Instagram, Twitter, and check out their products sold through Amazon! What could be easier?!



This post is sponsored however I do not endorse products that I do not use and love.

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