Dermalogica Skin Care Review

I found a new step in my skincare routine. I am a pretty low maintenance girl and I try to get ready for work in a 15 minute range. I like to lay in my bed as late as possible, never do my hair, and am late to work 99% of the time.

So when I say I’ve added a new step to my skin routine, this is a big deal. It means it is worth the extra minute in the bathroom, which is precious sleeping time. I am going to quickly walk you through my morning routine so you understand what I mean.

  1. I roll out of bed way too late and know I don’t have time to get ready.
  2. I put in my contacts.
  3. I brush my teeth.
  4. I put on deodorant.
  5. I put on moisturizer.
  6. I brush my hair unless I washed it the night before. If it is already straightened, I will spray hairspray on my brush to calm fly-aways.
  7. That’s it I’m done, it takes me two minutes.

As I said above, adding a new product to my routine is a big deal. So when I was sent new products I was skeptical, knew I would try them out, but figured they would end up under my sink with all my other products I’ve tried but didn’t end up sticking with. I could not have been more wrong.

Dermalogica sent me two products to try, their Barrier Defense Booster and their Calm Water Gel. First, the Barrier Defense Booster is a serum you can dot on your finger tips and pat on your face, or mix with your favorite moisturizer. I’ve tried both methods but prefer to mix with my lotion for ease. The Barrier Booster is calming to the skin. It reduces redness and evens your skin tone. I can see that the product will last me years even if I use it daily, it only take s a few small drops to get the effect you’re looking for. Overall it’s a great product and I would definitely recommend it.

Second, the Calm Water Gel is a game changer. Describing this product is difficult, because I don’t truly know what it is besides this amazing cooling gel, but it is fantastic. I don’t wash my face because I have dry skin, and this product gives me a fresh face feeling and makes my skin dewy and soft all day. I absolutely love this product and will never go a day without using it.

Also, I am currently in the hormone crazy part of the month and my skin would not be the reason you knew. I have not had a breakout since I began using the product two weeks ago, and for my skin that is groundbreaking.

At this point I’m gushing, but this product has truly changed the landscape of my face. Between the dewy feel, the lack of acne, and the reduction of dry spots on my skin, I am NEVER going back!

You can purchase the Barrier Booster here and the Calm Water Gel here.

This is a sponsored post however I do not endorse products I do not use and love.

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